Pick Rebrand
Bringing some style and sophistication to one of the country's favourite channels.





Pick TV

Bigger and bolder - a more proud Pick

Pick is the biggest free to air channel outside the big terrestrial five with 6m viewers per week.

Our brief was to reinvigorate the brand, strengthening the channel’s identity by clearly conveying the newly defined core content pillars, and making it more premium, but also more accessible for the channel’s audience. Once again, through group brainstorms with the in-house teams at Sky, the true direction of the brand was defined to ensure we had cut through in such a busy space.

Simple stand out

Starting with a clean and clear logo, coupled with a strong graphic device that is used across all brand material - we wanted to create an instantly recognisable visual language for the channel.

In creating this simple base for the brand to build from, we were creating a style that could be easily developed and evolve over time.

Idents for all occasions

From the light-hearted to the heart pounding, the IDs needed to cover it all

We created a suite of idents that reflected the breadth of the channels content, from the light hearted to the heart pounding, that could be used across the days schedule tying in nicely with the programming.

The ID’s focus on the everyday but intensify these scenario’s using super slow-motion making the viewers life more vibrant and interesting reflecting the content on Pick that makes everyday more exciting.

Reactive packaging

For the on screen packaging, a changing set of colours reflected the different day parts, from the warm glow of the dawn to the deep blue of the night that allows the packaging to reflect the content.

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