Challenge Rebrand
Modernise one of the most nostalgic channels on television? Challenge Accepted!




Challenge Accepted

We were invited by our good friends at Sky to help with the rebrand of their free to air channel, Challenge.

A core brand proposition was required that would cover the channels three core content pillars and expand the reach of the channel and brand beyond the confines of the small screen. By working closely with the in-house creative team and other key stake holders, we were able to explore what the main elements of the brand were.

'Challenge Accepted' was our collective reply - the war cry of the Challenge audience, a positive call to arms bringing the audience into the game. We wanted to bring in elements of interactivity with the viewer wherever possible and await their reply, 'Challenge Accepted'.

Simple stand out

Using a simple, but powerful form, we created a recognisable, own-able logo mark. In creating something so simple, we could focus on being playful with the logo, using it’s geometric form as a blank canvas to be painted with classic, modern, and physical fun, the core content pillars - creating an indelible link with the channel content.

The styling based on these content pillars was carried across all brand material creating a strong and coherent kit of parts.

Modular on-air Idents

Modular ID system that turns three IDs into over 500

We created a modular system for the ID's that was super flexible, easy to add to and expand and was interchangeable. This allowed us to create the possibility of over 500 different combinations from the initial 3 ID's we created. Hopefully avoiding too much repetition and offering real value for money.

Break bumpers posed a question going into the break and answered it coming out and were always tagged #ChallengeAccepted.

Join in with the fun

To keep the viewers brains ticking over through the break, the bumpers were created based on three simple Q&A types, along with some classic show catchphrases, and were always tagged #ChallengeAccepted. To give real stand out, the core colour palette and distinct typography was carried through, to create a consistent feel across all package elements.

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