Deep State S2 Campaign

Following on from the success of season one, we worked closely with the team at FOX to deliver the campaign concept and creative for the much anticipated second season of Deep State. While the original campaign needed to educate about the Deep State, season two needed to draw on the new location in sub-Saharan Africa and highlight the expanded ensemble cast.

The global toolkit contained templates that allowed territories to create bespoke key arts with different character sets, offering up over half a million combinations for use across various media.

Truth is a matter of perspective

Building on the series concept of Control, visual deception was again key to blurring the lines of the key characters' motives in the series, where good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark are all thrown into question.

A truly flexible key art with over 500,000 character combinations

A playing card style symmetry allowed different characters and scenes to be juxtaposed against each other with slight differences to make the viewer look again.

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