BBC Lifestyle Rebrand

We were asked by BBC Worldwide to refresh the identity of their popular Lifestyle channel. With over ten years since the previous update, the brand required a new proposition that aligned with their current audience, and a look and feel that was relevant and current.

Our approach was to draw on the constant gathering of inspiration that drove the audience to improve their world around them. Our 'Active Magpie' persona gave a solid foundation for a flexible identity that suited the broad range of content available on the channel.

Entertain. Empower. Inspire.

The split visual device created a way to juxtapose objects and type to reflect the diverse range of content on the channel and lifestyles the audience can relate to.

The movement of the animation was developed to mimic the swipe and tap nature of touch screen devices, creating a purpose to every action, and a playfulness in the execution.

The brand toolkit included a suite of objects, colours and textures that could be mixed and matched in different combinations to keep the identity fresh with minimal effort. In addition to the global toolkit elements, we worked with the territory teams in South Africa and Poland to create bespoke creative which draw on localised content and objects.

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