BBC Brit Rebrand

We were asked to help BBC Worldwide with a refresh of one of the channels in their international portfolio, BBC Brit. The channel was already established in SA, Nordics and Poland but an adjustment to it’s programming required an update to the brand positioning and identity.

Best of British TV with a local flavour.

We started by refining the logo, releasing it from it’s holding device but retaining it’s form to respect the brands heritage and retain brand recognition.

The new brand proposition was based around ‘a zest for life’. All brand collateral was created with this concept in mind. Using a vibrant colour set and clean, bold typography and energetic animation it allowed us to push this concept through all brand collateral. We created a suite of five idents that were a window into our vision for what an entertainment channel should be - energetic, full of life, vibrant and exciting.

Each ident was created with the wide range of content available on the channel in mind, so that we could set the tone for our viewer, keeping them switched on whatever show they have tuned in to see.

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